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About Me

Welcome to Foot-Care Melanie & Mind

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Foot Care Melanie & Mind will help as much as possible and give you the best experience possible.

I am Mélanie Eloy, 38 years old. I am happily married to Frederick and the mother of 2 beautiful sons Arthur who's 14 years old and Quinten who's 11 years old. I find peace in my family, which has recently been completed with my dear mother-in-law Yolande who lives with us now, but also in my practice.

In addition to the practice where I work as a secondary occupation, I also teach handreflexology at and at the center for distance learning and I am full-time employed as an administrative assistant.

My hobbies are cooking, walking, reading, traveling and enjoying life.

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to help people. In my school year in America as an exchange student I therefore followed the courses psychology and sociology as a personal interest, and over the years I focused more on the therapeutic character.

After my administrative training, I followed a longtime evening course, more than a decade ago, to become a specialized Podiatrist (medical pedicure). Meanwhile I also a followed an additional training as a specialized footreflexologist and had also my degree as a massage therapist. Very shortly afterwards I did a specialization as a toereader specialist with which you can ‘read’ people’s character and personality by the position of the toes/nails to help my clients even better. I then passed on my experience to my students and became a teacher in evening classes at the Beauty School for a number of years.

Hypnosis kept coming my way 'coincidentally', but because I know that nothing happens just by 'coincidence' I started doing more research in this area. This turned out to be the key to being able to fully help myself and my clients.

I then followed various courses to establish myself as a certified hypnosis therapist, such as Advanced hypnosis, hypnotic regression therapy, virtual gastric band pro, Sheila Granger’s virtual gastric band training, The Swan, Specialized Stop Smoking program, masterclass pain reduction, Dave Elman method, Jeffrey Steven’s protocol, Conversational hypnosis, mentalism, NLP, Quantum hypnosis, EFT, Hypno Intermittent fasting expert, … .

Until today I still follow very regularly workshops and trainings to have more tools to be able to help my clients even better.

I have encountered myself over the years and have been applying my knowledge to myself what means that I’ve taken very important decisions and make really important changes by learning how to listen to your body and understand what it tells you.

Would you also like to learn to listen to what your body tells and feel better or being done with some issues?

Put your body and your mind in my professional hands and make an appointment today.

I hope to meet you soon.



Alberic Florizoonelaan 7 in Adinkerke (De Panne, close to the Station and Plopsaland)

Foot-Care Melanie & Mind, Alberic Florizoonelaan 7, 8660 Adinkerke

Online hypnosis sessions possible


email: [email protected]

Comm. V. Melanie Exempt from VAT: BE0632.778.510 

Bank account: BE63 7360 1730 8908 BIC: KREDBEBB