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What is Hypnotherapy?

By means of a hypnotic trance, contact can easily be made with the subconscious mind and you can thus quickly and easily remedy most complaints or at least greatly reduce them.

For which complaints can you use hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy works because you believe in it, trust the hypnotherapist (Melanie) and can and/or want to tackle a problem on a subconscious level.

We are not always aware of the influence of our subconscious mind on our daily actions, which often makes it difficult to change anything on the basis of sheer willpower.

The best thing about working with hypnotherapy is that the solution to the problem is always found by the client himself. Melanie provides a guideline within which the client can find his own way.

What is Hypnosis?

Every day you go into a state of hypnosis several times without really being aware of it. Hypnosis is nothing more than a moment of mindful concentration.

Have you ever experienced that you are watching a movie and are so immersed in the story that you no longer hear anything in the background and that you experience certain feelings such as sadness, tension, etc. according to the type of movie you are watching?

Yes ? Congratulations you have already experienced hypnosis!

You were awake, alert, could think and speak, but you were so concentrated in the movie story that you could make an imaginary event come true and experience feelings.

Well , this is similar to what hypnosis is.

Can a hypnotherapist make me do things I don't want?

No, it is impossible. A hypnotherapist can only make you 'do things' that you would do in everyday life. Would you morally reject something or normally never do something, then you do not do that in hypnosis either.

It is important to know that the client remains in control at all times!

Can I be hypnotized without knowing it?

Almost anyone can be hypnotized. The condition is that one is able to trust the therapist and that there is no extreme fear of hypnosis.

It is not possible to hypnotize someone against his will. Some people are very easy to hypnotize and others are more difficult. The degree to which someone is hypnotizable is proportional to the fear they have. Fear of hypnosis, fear of what they will discover or reveal.

The more difficult to hypnotize people are often those who have trouble trusting someone else. Since trust in the hypnotherapist is crucial, a lack of trust will greatly reduce the chances of a good hypnosis.

Can you guarantee that my problem will be completely overcome with hypnosis?

Unfortunately, no therapy offers guarantees. Not everyone responds to therapy in the same way, any more than to drugs. No therapist is therefore able to guarantee the end result: no doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist or hypnotherapist can give a guarantee.

Thus, to pretend that results are guaranteed would not only be false but also unethical. 

I can only guarantee that I will always do my utmost to help you as well as possible with the best techniques that exist. That's why I always follow additional trainings.

Many testimonials prove that hypnosis helps and works.

What do you experience during a hypnosis session?

Hypnosis is experienced differently by everyone.

Hypnosis usually feels like a safe, calm, relaxed state in which one can rest for some time because it feels so pleasant. Hypnosis is not necessarily relaxation.

You are certainly not asleep and experience and hear everything that is said and are even able to talk. Afterwards you know perfectly what has been said.

How does a hypnosis session go?

At a first appointment I will give you some explanation about what hypnotherapy is, what it is especially not and I will answer all your questions, followed by going through the intake form .

Together we look at what your complaints are and how I can help you further and what you expect from hypnosis.

Afterwards, the session takes place as follows:

  • Induction: a state of hypnosis is induced
  • Deepening: the hypnosis is deepened according to the level that is necessary for processing certain complaints
  • Suggestions: when a workable depth of trance is reached, suggestions are given that have been discussed together earlier and the complaints are addressed.
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions: suggestions that apply after the session
  • Exduction: You are taken out of hypnosis, after which you feel refreshed, clear and alert and can perform all the activities that you had planned further.

How much is a session?

Hypnosis therapy is an investment in your health and puts you back in control that you lost.

An individual session costs 150 euro. We have various programs which include several sessions and audio's.

Where can you find us?

Do you live in the near of Ostend, Jabbeke, Gistel, Bredene, Middelkerke, Westende, Oostkamp, ​​Roeselare, Knokke, Beernem, Blankenberge, Zuienkerke, Damme, Bruges, De Panne, Adinkerke, Koksijde, Oostduinkerke, Nieuwpoort, Veurne, Alveringem, Poperinge, Diksmuide, Staden, Dunkerque, Bray-Dunes, Ghyvelde ... you can go to the practice at Adinkerke, Alberic Florizoonelaan 7.

If you live further away, it is always possible to have the sessions take place online, they are just as effective than in practice.

The sessions can be held in Dutch, French or English.

If you want more information or want to make an appointment, you can always contact +32493/02.04.83.

* results may vary from person to person