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Infrared Therapy

What is Infrared?

By infrared we mean the frequencies that are experienced as heat on our skin.

The heating of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is absorbed by the body with a number of counter-reactions. For example, relatively cold blood flows from the interior of the body to the subcutaneous tissue through the opened capillaries to dissipate the heat. This results in good blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue.

The heat from the infrared also penetrates more easily and deeper into the skin, in some places up to 4 centimeters, and is therefore very stimulating for the (under) skin and muscles.

By heating the skin with infrared rays, the body temperature will gradually rise by 0.7 degrees. The body responds to this by sweating. In this way the skin cools itself down and all waste products are removed.

The benefits of an infrared session:

- gives the skin and body a thorough cleaning

- this ensures a healthy, soft skin

- relieves pains such as muscle, joint and menstrual pain

- increases resistance through the production of white blood cells

- improved blood circulation and elasticity of the skin

- reduction of cellulite, weight, acne, high blood pressure, tension, nervousness and skin diseases such as Psoriasis, eczema, Arthritis

How does a session go?

A session lasts +/- 30 minutes, depending on the condition.

Bathing clothes are allowed but not compulsory.


- 1 session 20 euro for 1 person or 35 euro for 2 people (simultaneously)

Relaxing Package 'Totally zen'

for 1 person 35 euro

Infrared therapy + glass of cava or fruit juice + plate of fresh fruit

Relaxing Package 'cocoon with 2' 

48 euro for 2 people simultaneously

Infrared therapy + glass of cava or fruit juice + plate of fresh fruit

If you want more information or want to make an appointment, you can always contact +32493/02.04.83.