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Medical pedicure

From 2021, Medical Pedicure is only possible in combination with reflexology.

As a specialized foot care provider I also offer specialized techniques such as nail correction for ingrowth nails, nail repair, making custom silicone orthoses for corns.

All these techniques can also be applied to diabetics and rheumatism patients.

Combined price medical pedicure and foot reflexology:

80 euro


remove nail polish at the start: 3 euro

painting your nails with nail polish: 12 euro

Gel / Gelish removal during the treatment : 10 euro

I also offer a variety of specialized products. 

Nail correction (Orthonyxie)

A brace is placed on the nail to bring it back into shape in case of ingrowth nails or corns in the nail walls. This treatment is completely painless, both on application and removal. This is a long-term treatment that requires the brace to be replaced a few times throughout the nail growth process .

- 119 euro in combination with foot care and foot reflexology

- 52 euro only for placing the bracket

Nail repair (Onychoplasty)

This is a nail prosthesis that is placed on the nail to promote nail growth. This is applied:

after removing a nail plate fragment after removing a corn under the nail plate.

to work the nail sideways after removing an ingrown nail, with the aim of not allowing the nail wall to bulge so that the outgrowing nail can maintain its ideal width.

to maintain an ideal bedding for the new outgrowing nail. eg after nail loss-after treatment of a fungal nail.

- Small piece of nail 25 euro

- Full nail: 30 euro

Silicone protection (Orthesiology or Orthoplasty)

This is used to counteract pressure and friction. To prevent painful places, corns, painful lumps,... For this technique, soft silicone rubbers are kneaded with a catalyst and applied to the foot to create a protective, possibly light corrective dressing. The bandage takes its final shape on the foot and thus fits perfectly.

These silicone orthoses are custom made with Blanc Rosé. This is the softest silicone on the market. It feels like a second skin.

- Toe top protector (for claw toes): 17 euro

- Hallux Valgus protector (knuckle protector): 30 euro

- Hallux Quintus (little toe): 25 euro

- Toe divider (for corns between the toes): 17 euro

If you want more information or want to make an appointment, you can always contact +32493/02.04.83.

Foot-Care Melanie & Mind, Alberic Florizoonelaan 7, 8660 Adinkerke (De Panne) 

email: [email protected]

Comm. V. Melanie Exempt from VAT: BE0632.778.510 

Bank account: BE63 7360 1730 8908 BIC: KREDBEBB