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Online Hypnosis

Important points:

  • The sessions must be fully paid before the start of the first session.
  • Make sure you have a webcam and a headset so that we don't hear an echo during the session. Thanks to the headset you can also concentrate better on my voice during the session and the headset will also mute the disturbing noises in the background.  
  • Make sure you put all the pets in a different room, no matter how kind the animal is.
  • Make sure you cannot be disturbed during the session . Ask family members not to disturb you for at least 90 minutes.
  • Switch off all phones and notifications on your mobile during the session.
  • If you follow the session with an iPad, iPhone, tablet or laptop, I recommend that you sit in the most pleasant place possible. It is best not to lie down because you are not supposed to fall asleep.
  • Please  make sure not to have a sanitary stop during the session.
  • Preferably go in a clear room so that I have a good view of your face during the session.
  • Before the effective session we will do a short test to see if the connection, image and sound are suitable for the session to continue.
  • Fill in the online intake form in advance and email it back as soon as possible (no later than 1 day before the session).
  • For each event get you the day before the appointment an SMS or mail reminder of the appointment. The sessions where not show up or not timely canceled - for whatever reason - will not be reimbursed or repaid or re-scheduled. This is then deducted from the sessions that are still too good for following a program. For an individual session, this session will be charged.
  • When a program is stopped prematurely by the client, no reimbursement of the sessions not used is possible. The rest of the program cannot be continued at a later time.