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Teeth Whitening

The teeth are bleached by the combination of the newest tooth whitening component Magic White and the contact with the latest and strongest LED light, directly on the tooth surface. The tooth whitening components thoroughly clean the tooth surface and the affected parts of the tooth, without damaging the tooth surface. The 100% cosmetic product does not affect tooth enamel at all! (also contains no peroxide) White teeth are inseparable from a beautiful smile. This process aims to restore the teeth to their white radiant shine from an aesthetic point of view.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes. Your teeth are pre-treated and a whitening gel is applied to your teeth, into a mouth spreader . Then the lamp is placed on your teeth. Meanwhile

it is best to relax. After the treatment itself, which takes 21 minutes, we only need a few more minutes to remove the materials from your teeth, rinse your mouth and you can immediately view the result in the mirror.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, provided this is done safely and professionally, we are known to work with natural products both during and before bleaching. The method is therefore also suitable for people with sensitive teeth. In case a slight sensitivity does develop, this will disappear within 24 hours after the treatment. If white spots appear on the teeth after the treatment (because of the use of Fluor in toothpaste), these are not dangerous and will disappear completely within 24 hours.

We do not recommend the treatment for pregnant women, when breastfeeding and for children under the age of 16, including people with medical dental problems and melanoma patients .

Can I eat and / or drink everything again after a treatment?

We advise not to eat or drink anything except water for the first 2 to 3 hours after a treatment. After that you can eat and drink most of it again, except for drinks and foods that contain extremely much dyes, such as coffee, tea, red wine, cola, red cabbage, curry and tomato ketchup. This applies for the rest of the day. In addition, it is better not to smoke on the day on which the treatment has taken place. The next morning you can eat, drink everything again.

Can the treatment be performed on crowns, bridges or braces?

It is possible, but the product does not work on false teeth and will only whiten the natural teeth. It gives them back their natural color. The deposits on the crowns, bridges or brackets are removed and therefore ensures a thorough 'cleaning'.

What can I do after the treatment to keep my teeth white?

It is important to take good care of your teeth by brushing well and, if deposits form, to have it removed by the dentist regularly. You can also keep your teeth white by brushing with a good whitening toothpaste.

How white can my teeth become after a treatment?

Some people's teeth become whiter than others. The result is different for everyone. After a treatment, your teeth may be 2-7 shades lighter. We can always achieve the whitest possible color for your teeth. So the maximum achievable result for your teeth is always possible with a double treatment. 

How long do the teeth stay whiter after a treatment?

The color of your teeth is just as specific and unique as you, and so the final results will differ. The results will last for 5-6 months. To keep your white teeth longer, we advise you to avoid drinking coffee, tea and red wine.

With a monthly maintenance treatment you can keep the whiteness of your teeth longer.

What's the price of a treatment?

Exceptional !!

For one treatment the price is 90 euro, for 2 treatments consecutively (42 minutes) this is only 130 euro. 

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