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Hypno-Weight loss is a total package: we look at your eating habits, but we also try to create a healthy relationship with exercise. You may be in a healthy relationship with food, but your belly fat is bothering you or it seems like you just can't lose weight. Then the hypnotherapist looks at what works best for you, and which negative habits can be replaced by positive ones, so that you can finally reach your target weight.

Every hypnosis session is tailor-made and responds to your desires and lifestyle. Whether you are overweight, have a sugar addiction, want to participate in sports more often, or just want to lose a few pounds. Hypnotherapy is a safe, easy and effective solution.

If you have an eating disorder, a hypnotherapist can also help you.

Losing weight with hypnosis without dieting

It often seems impossible to reach your goal weight. You try everything like a special diet, tea, pills, shakes, fitness,… All things that require a lot of money, time, energy and willpower. You may be able to lose some pounds, but after a while you give up because you can't keep it up or because the pounds are coming back instead of losing. It seems like you will never succeed.

Hypno Weight loss is a hypnosis session that helps you lose weight. Thanks to the power of hypnosis, you can reach your target weight effortlessly and quickly, in a safe and healthy way without dieting or sparing you.

Lose weight without diet or getting hungry

You often stick to a diet for the first few days. You're enthusiastic, motivated, and determined to shed those extra pounds once and for all. But once those first days are over, you slowly slip back into your old habits. Often you will gain more weight than you lost, and you will soon no longer notice your weight loss.

Hypnotherapy is different from diet, because when you are on a diet you do exactly what works the worst: you focus on what you should not eat. And the more you focus on that, the more you want it. You think to yourself: “I can't eat chocolate,” but the funny thing is that you just feel more like chocolate than usual. How did that happen? Because your subconscious is simply putting those subtle differences of "not" and "yes" aside. What your subconscious hear is: chocolate. And that makes you long for it even more. Hypnosis takes a different approach: instead of zooming in on what is not allowed: overeating, snacking, eating the whole bag of chips; or on what to do: exercise, eat healthy, stop after one serving; hypnosis allows you to do anything, as long as it is healthy and safe for you. Do you feel like chocolate? Then take a piece. Do you feel like taking a walk around the block? Then do that.

Thanks to hypnosis, your subconscious mind directs you to do what's best for you. By means of hypnosis we can deeply influence your diet and eating habits. For example, smaller portions are enough, you get a healthy relationship with sugar, you enjoy exercise, and you lose weight at a pace that is healthy for your body. You don't have to be hungry, try crazy diets, take pills, or exercise excessively. You just steer relaxed, healthy and safe towards your target weight.

How it works and what can you expect?

It works just like a navigation system. Imagine entering Brussels as your destination, but driving to Ghent. That makes no difference to the navigation system; wherever you are driving, your GPS will continue to navigate you to Brussels no matter where you are. That's the same with Hypno-Weight Loss, you automatically navigate to your target weight no matter what.

You tell us your current weight and your target weight, that's all we need. Then we work together, you go under hypnosis and we convince your subconscious mind that your target weight must be reached all by itself. Your goal is realized automatically, so you don't have to consciously do anything for it. Even if you eat in between meals or if you have a binge, your subconscious mind will always automatically bring you to your target weight.

Some habits that can be changed thanks to hypnosis so that you experience a healthy relationship with your weight and nutrition:

• binge eating

• overeating

• portion control

• sugar addiction

• feeling hungry

• motivation

• self image

• exercise


Healthy and safe weight loss

If you want to lose some pounds, slimming with the help of hypnosis is the safest and most healthy way. That's because hypnotherapy is a natural way to install positive habits. The hypnotherapist will discuss your pitfalls with you and install a healthy relationship with food in your subconscious mind. This way you feel satisfied faster when eating, you feel satisfied with smaller portions, and your eating habits are a lot healthier.

That craving for snacks or sweets is a thing of the past and suddenly a walk or bike ride seems a lot more attractive.